Aims and Objects

Indian Association for Asian & Pacific Studies (Registered under Act XXVI of 1961, Government of West Bengal, India ) is a non-profit non-governmental organization taking interest in different kinds of academic endeavors and it works on Asia and Pacific regions. The Association promotes research and understanding of different regions of Asia and Pacific in its cultural, social, political and economic scenario. It works as a forum for scholars of Asian and Pacific studies to carry out social science oriented studies as well as present their works to the public in forms of lectures, panel discussions, seminars, symposia and conferences. The research undertaken by the Association rests on both primary research topics and policy oriented issues. The organization basically stimulates interdisciplinary research and engages in study of issues such as social and cultural patterns, gender and disadvantaged groups, political developments, economy, trade and investments, science- technology etc. The Association thus works as a platform for social science oriented research projects and promotes programs of workshops, dialogue and training.


Networking is an integral part of work of the Association. It has been developing a network of Indian scholars working on Asia from different disciplines and professional fields. For future the Association aims to develop networking with other associations, research institutions, professional societies and academies in other parts of South, Southeast, West, Central and far East Asia, Pacific regions as well as in other parts of the world to share each other’s experiences and encounters with the region. The Association will develop network not only with research Institutions and professional societies but also with government organizations, and corporate houses. The Association aims to identify the Asian and Pacific study centres in other parts of India and Asia Pacific regions, which may like to collaborate in pursuance of the aims and objectives of this Association. It aims to encourage academic and cultural exchange among scholars and students of Asian and Pacific studies by establishing academic linkages between the Association and Institutions/ Associations of similar nature and interest.


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