The Association brings forth different types of publications on the basis of its seminar/ lecture/ conference programs. Besides the Association also considers time to time publications of research works, studies and academic papers/volumes based on themes pertaining to aims and objectives of the Association. So far the Association has the following publications:


  • IAAPS Perspectives, Volume 21, September 2017 for view

  • IAAPS Perspectives, Volume 1, Issue 1, August 2016 for view


  • Lipi Ghosh, Ishita Mukhopadhyay & Suchandra Chakraborty edited Women Across Asia : Issues of Identity ( Gyan Publishers Pvt. Limited, New Delhi, 2006 for view

  • Lipi Ghosh & Ramkrishna Chatterjee edited Indian Diaspora in the Asian & Pacific Regions, Rawat Publications, New Delhi., 2004 for view

  • Bonita Aleaz, Lipi Ghosh & Achintya Dutta edited Ethnicity, Nations and Minorities : The South Asian Scenario, Manak Publications Pvt. Ltd , New Delhi ,2003 for view

Proceedings Volumes

  • Proceeding Volume, Sixth Biennial Conference, IAAPS, Kolkata, 2012  for view

  • Proceeding Volume, Fifth Biennial Conference, IAAPS, Kolkata, 2010  for view

  • Proceeding Volume, Fourth Biennial Conference, IAAPS, Kolkata, 2008  for view

  • Proceeding Volume, Third Biennial Conference, IAAPS, Kolkata, 2006  for view

  • Proceeding Volume, Second Biennial Conference, IAAPS, Kolkata, 2004  for view

  • Proceeding Volume, First Biennial Conference, Progressive Publishers, Kolkata 2002   for view


  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2010, IAPPS, 2011  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2009, IAPPS, 2010  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2008, IAPPS, 2009  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2007, IAPPS, 2008  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2006, IAPPS, 2007  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2005, IAPPS, 2006  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2004, IAPPS, 2005  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2003, IAPPS, 2004  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2002, IAPPS, 2003  for view

  • Lecture Programs I to IV, 2001, IAPPS, 2002  for view

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